One Solution with Powerful Flexibility for Statewide Data Management

Focus is now offering a Statewide/Consortium Edition that uses a multi-tenant approach to managing and reporting student data. The Focus solution includes our comprehensive SIS, for districts of all sizes, and provides several advantages, the foremost is that any configuration, validation, import template, letter, report, or field can be created state-wide or district-specific. This allows districts to quickly take advantage of any new configuration done at the state level.

Our Statewide/Consortium Edition eliminates the work of state reporting for your districts while at the same time allowing you to pull state-wide reports in real-time without waiting for data submissions from district sites. The Focus solution runs in the AWS cloud which offers better security and every district can be confident about access to reliable data and backups, etc.

The Focus Statewide/Consortium Edition:
1) lowers total cost of ownership for software, services, and support
2) standardizes processes across the state, improving data quality
3) minimizes installation at each district
4) allows state flexibility to easily build new reports and new data collections for all schools/districts
5) provides immediate transfer of student data between districts
6) offers complete, real-time state access to data without the need for a collection or submission process
7) includes the use of Focus API, the Ed-Fi API, OneRoster API, or direct ODBC data pulls to import into the state’s data warehouse system.


One System for ALL Stakeholders

Our goal is to provide the most powerful and user-friendly SIS on the market, for users at EVERY level…school, district, and now at the state level.

Departments of Education
State Legislators
CTE/Adult Ed Institutions
Students & Parents
For more information on our Statewide/Consortium Edition give us a call at 877-250-1771.