Finance, HR, & Payroll

From managing school and district budgets and purchasing needs, to human resources and payroll, Focus ERP is a powerful tool that streamlines everyday resource management tasks.

Focus ERP

Focus ERP is a user-centric system that solves costly, time-consuming problems faced by bookkeepers, CFOs, payroll clerks, budget managers, administrators, and maintenance staff.    


  • Create reports for budgets, journal entries, purchase orders, invoices, checks, receipts, deposits, inventory, staff, and payroll.
  • Automate time-consuming projects, such as bank reconciliation, board packet reports, budget planning, and vendor tax forms.
  • Schedule and take inventory, transfer assets, and calculate asset depreciation.

HR & Payroll

  • Maintain employee pay steps, positions, leave banks, deductions, and benefits.
  • Manage all district payroll needs, from keying hourly/daily timecards, leave, and miscellaneous pay, to entering adjustments, raises, bonuses, reimbursements, the Focus Payroll system offers a comprehensive workflow.
  • Offer time-saving employee access to leave requests, pay stubs, benefits, workers’ compensation claims, and tax forms with our Employee Self Service module.

Focus offers streamlined workflow, approvals, notifications, and powerful document management.

  • Instant approval process and better notifications.
  • Get rid of your filing cabinets for invoices, purchase card receipts, packing slips, and employee folders.