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K-12 SIS

The Focus integrated SIS solution puts scheduling, attendance, gradebook and grade reporting, state reporting, and student and parent portal access into one solution – improving efficiency by eliminating the need to sync different systems.

Enrollment, Registration & School Choice

Student Demographics

Elementary & Secondary Scheduling 


Gradebook, Report Cards, & Transcripts

Communication, Portals, & Mobile Solutions


Student Billing


Built-in Reports, Advanced Reports, Analytics & Dashboards

Assessments & Testing 

State Reporting

The Focus solution provides tools that allow for continual data checking and school-based ownership; they are a fundamental component to our SIS and encourage a culture where quality data is expected and strived for daily.

  • Validation rules built right into the interface at point-of-entry 
  • Verification Summary Reports provide oversight to meet submission deadlines
  • Drill-down through errors to make corrections
  • Ready to upload, compliant extracts

Focus is committed to providing the best solution for managing and reporting data in every state we do business.

Arizona State Reporting Includes:
  • AzEDS Compliant (Arizona Education Data Standards)
  • Focus AzEDS REST API Submissions
  • Focus Ed-Fi Compliant
California State Reporting Includes:
  • CALPADS Fall 1 Extracts
  • CALPADS Fall 2 Extracts
  • CALPADS EOY Extracts
  • Generate Locator Extracts
  • STAR Pre-ID
  • Import Statewide Student Identifiers (SSIDs)
  • Physical Fitness Test Extract
  • CASAS Extracts
  • Extracts & Reports for Perkins E1, Perkins E2
Florida State Reporting Includes:
  • FES Surveys
  • All WDIS State Reports
  • DOE Verification Reports
  • FTE Detail Reports
  • FTE Summary Reports
  • Demographic
  • Federal State Indicator
  • Bus Roster for Transportation Verification
  • Prior School
  • Teacher Course
  • Student Course
  • English Language Learner
  • Exceptional Student
  • Assessment
  • Discipline/Referral
  • Attendance Verification
  • FCAT Pre-ID Files
  • EOC Pre-ID Files
  • Learn Fare Student Lists
  • DMV Student Lists
  • Missing Children
  • Class Size Report
Massachusetts State Reporting Includes:
  • All SIMS, EPIMS, SCS, SSDR Extracts
  • MSR (Multiple Student Registrations)
  • SSID & MEPIDS Processing
  • SIF Certified
*MA DESE SIF Certification in Progress
Maryland State Reporting Includes:
  • Discipline Extract
  • September Attendance Extract
  • Early Attendance Extract
  • EOY Attendance Extract
  • MCC Extract
  • SCGT Extract
  • USIS Extract
  • KRA Extract
  • ELA Extract,
  • Enrollment Discrepancies
New Hampshire State Reporting Includes:
  • All K-12 I4See Collections
  • I4See ID Process
  • I4See Verification Reports
  • I4See Exports
  • BOY, CATE Student Course, EOY Academic Performance
  • EOY Enrollment, Free and Reduced Lunch, NH Label Request,
  • SASID Request, Security File, State Scholar
  • Student Course and Submission Course
  • State and Federal Reports
  • End of Year Reports
  • Fall Enrollment Reports
  • Dropout and Graduates Report
  • NH Educator Information
  • I4See Summary and Detail Reports
New Jersey State Reporting Includes:
  • All NJ SMART Extract Domains (Student, Staff, Course, Special Education, CTE)
  • NJ SLA (Student Learning Assessments) for State Assessment Registration Submission
  • SR PNP Assessments
  • SIDS/SMID Processing
  • ASSA (Application for State School Aid)
  • HS Graduation Rate
  • Performance Reports Submission
Pennsylvania State Reporting Includes:
  • All PIMS Collection Extract Domains (Student, Staff, Course, Test, Special Education, CTE, School, District)
  • PIMS Safe Schools
  • PVASS Processing
  • PAsecureID Processing
  • Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT)
  • Charter School Invoicing
  • Charter School Individual Reconciliation Report
  • Charter School Summary Reconciliation Report
  • Charter School PDE-4065
  • PIMS Verification District Usage
  • PIMS Verification Reports
  • Enrollment Discrepancies
  • PA Graduation Pathways (act 158)
  • Safe-2-Say Something
  • Civil Rights Data Collection
  • USDE ESSER Data Collection Report – PDE
  • SHARRS (School Health Reimbursement Request) Report
  • School Immunization Law Report
  • Immunization Certificate & Compliance
Texas State Reporting Includes:
  • All K-12 PEIMS Collections
  • PEIMS ID Process
  • PEIMS Verification Reports
  • TREx
  • TSDS Pre-ID Process
  • TEA Summary and Detail Reports
  • Pre-Code Verification Reports
  • PET (PID enrollment tracking)
  • Immunizations Verification
Utah State Reporting Includes:
  • UTRex SIF Compliant
  • UTRex eTranscripts
  • UTRex Clearinghouse

Compliance in Development

Missouri State Reporting Includes
  • Core Data / MOSIS
  • eScholar ID Management
  • A+ Reporting
Louisiana State Reporting – In Progress
  • EdLink 360
  • eScholar ID Management
  • Home Tracking System (HTS)
  • Graduation Pathways

EMIS Compliant