K-12 SIS

The Focus integrated SIS solution puts scheduling, attendance, gradebook and grade reporting, state reporting, and student and parent portal access into one system – improving efficiency by eliminating the need to sync different systems.

Enrollment, Registration, & School Choice

Student Demographics

Elementary & Secondary Scheduling 


Gradebook, Report Cards, & Transcripts

Assessments & Testing 


Student Billing


Built-in Reports, Advanced Reports, Analytics & Dashboards

User Portals & Communication

State Reporting

Data Quality is Focus’ top priority. Focus knows that data quality should not only be considered at snapshot times, but throughout the entire school year. This keeps school and district performance on target and makes state reporting an easier process, since data-driven decisions require accurate data. 

Focus tools allow for continual data checking and school-based ownership; they are a fundamental component to our SIS and encourage a culture where quality data is expected and strived for daily.

  • Validation rules built right into the interface at point-of-entry 
  • Verification Summary Reports provide oversight to meet submission deadlines
  • Drill-down through errors to make corrections
  • Ready to upload, compliant extracts

Focus is committed to providing the best system for managing and reporting data in every state we do business.

Arizona State Reporting Includes:
  • AzEDS Compliant (Arizona Education Data Standards)
  • Focus AzEDS REST API Submissions
  • Focus Ed-Fi Compliant
California State Reporting Includes:
  • CALPADS Fall 1 Extracts
  • CALPADS Fall 2 Extracts
  • CALPADS EOY Extracts
  • Generate Locator Extracts
  • STAR Pre-ID
  • Import Statewide Student Identifiers (SSIDs)
  • Physical Fitness Test Extract
  • CASAS Extracts
  • Extracts & Reports for Perkins E1, Perkins E2
Florida State Reporting Includes:
  • FES Surveys
  • All WDIS State Reports
  • DOE Verification Reports
  • FTE Detail Reports
  • FTE Summary Reports
  • Demographic
  • Federal State Indicator
  • Bus Roster for Transportation Verification
  • Prior School
  • Teacher Course
  • Student Course
  • English Language Learner
  • Exceptional Student
  • Assessment
  • Discipline/Referral
  • Attendance Verification
  • FCAT Pre-ID Files
  • EOC Pre-ID Files
  • Learn Fare Student Lists
  • DMV Student Lists
  • Missing Children
  • Class Size Report
Massachusetts State Reporting Includes:
  • All SIMS, EPIMS, SCS, SSDR Extracts
  • MSR (Multiple Student Registrations)
  • SSID & MEPIDS Processing
  • SIF Certified
*MA DESE SIF Certification in Progress
Maryland State Reporting Includes:
  • Discipline Extract
  • September Attendance Extract
  • Early Attendance Extract
  • EOY Attendance Extract
  • MCC Extract
  • SCGT Extract
  • USIS Extract
  • KRA Extract
  • ELA Extract,
  • Enrollment Discrepancies
New Hampshire State Reporting Includes:
  • All K-12 I4See Collections
  • I4See ID Process
  • I4See Verification Reports
  • I4See Exports
  • BOY, CATE Student Course, EOY Academic Performance
  • EOY Enrollment, Free and Reduced Lunch, NH Label Request,
  • SASID Request, Security File, State Scholar
  • Student Course and Submission Course
  • State and Federal Reports
  • End of Year Reports
  • Fall Enrollment Reports
  • Dropout and Graduates Report
  • NH Educator Information
  • I4See Summary and Detail Reports
New Jersey State Reporting Includes:
  • All NJ SMART Extract Domains (Student, Staff, Course, Special Education, CTE)
  • NJ SLA (Student Learning Assessments) for State Assessment Registration Submission
  • SR PNP Assessments
  • SIDS/SMID Processing
  • ASSA (Application for State School Aid)
  • HS Graduation Rate
  • Performance Reports Submission
Pennsylvania State Reporting Includes:
  • All PIMS Collection Extract Domains (Student, Staff, Course, Test, Special Education, CTE, School, District)
  • PIMS Safe Schools
  • PVASS Processing
  • PAsecureID Processing
  • Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT)
  • Charter School Invoicing
  • Charter School Individual Reconciliation Report
  • Charter School Summary Reconciliation Report
  • Charter School PDE-4065
  • PIMS Verification District Usage
  • PIMS Verification Reports
  • Enrollment Discrepancies
  • PA Graduation Pathways (act 158)
  • Safe-2-Say Something
  • Civil Rights Data Collection
  • USDE ESSER Data Collection Report – PDE
  • SHARRS (School Health Reimbursement Request) Report
  • School Immunization Law Report
  • Immunization Certificate & Compliance
Texas State Reporting Includes:
  • All K-12 PEIMS Collections
  • PEIMS ID Process
  • PEIMS Verification Reports
  • TREx
  • TSDS Pre-ID Process
  • TEA Summary and Detail Reports
  • Pre-Code Verification Reports
  • PET (PID enrollment tracking)
  • Immunizations Verification
Utah State Reporting Includes:
  • UTRex SIF Compliant
  • UTRex eTranscripts
  • UTRex Clearinghouse

Compliance in Development

Missouri State Reporting Includes
  • Core Data / MOSIS
  • eScholar ID Management
  • A+ Reporting
Louisiana State Reporting – In Progress
  • EdLink 360
  • eScholar ID Management
  • Home Tracking System (HTS)
  • Graduation Pathways