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Focus Hall Pass

The Focus Hall Pass Solution

Focus’ Hall Pass Module is helping districts take a step away from the paper process of hall passes by creating a digital solution that helps to improve the way schools handle student movement. Giving our districts the benefit of real-time tracking, enhanced security, and improved efficiency. Our electronic hall pass system is giving schools instant visibility into student whereabouts, allowing educators and administrators to maintain a secure and organized environment.


Real-Time Tracking and Enhanced Safety

  • Ensure accurate student tracking with real-time visibility, surpassing the limitations of traditional paper methods.
  • Easily pinpoint students who have exceeded their allotted hall pass time.
  • Schools are empowered to respond promptly to urgent situations, enhancing accountability and operational efficiency. Seamlessly track every student’s location in real-time.

Enhanced Efficiency

  • Strategically organize supervision in busy hallways and high-traffic areas and ensure strict adherence to student restrictions effortlessly.
  • Empower teachers and administrators to seamlessly oversee and manage student movements without disrupting class time.
  • With automated pass distribution and tracking, our system ensures a seamless classroom flow, minimizing disruptions and maximizing precious teaching time.

The Community App

  • The Hall Pass module seamlessly integrates into the Focus Community App, enabling administrative users and teachers to effortlessly oversee and actively monitor student hall pass activity and generate passes.
  • Beyond observation, users can initiate hall passes and manage actions such as check-ins, check-outs, extending durations, or ending passes directly from their mobile or one-to-one devices.