Focus Postsecondary System

The Focus Postsecondary Solution is designed specifically to support Adult Ed, CTE, and Continuing Education programs with integrated student management, point of sale, and financial assistance features that make it easier for you to help your students achieve success.

Online Enrollment & Registration

Speed up the registration process by allowing students to complete the online enrollment form and purchase classes directly from their portal page.

  • Information entered on the form feeds seamlessly into the registration/scheduling modules.
  • This form is completely customizable and supports multiple languages.

Focus Scheduling

Focus offers multiple scheduling options, including online scheduling from the student portal, en masse scheduling and automated scheduling based on successful course completion.

  • Students can search and enroll directly into courses through the student portal
  • Focus has several tools to progress students whether en masse or individually
  • Seat-triggered waitlist and acceptance feature with student notifications

Hourly Attendance & Kiosks

Focus School Software is pleased to offer solutions to simplify and automate hourly attendance for CTE and Continuing Education programs.

  • Attendance Kiosks help save teachers time from entering attendance by allowing students to check themselves in and out of class.
  • Attendance reporting ensures all required hours are tracked for program completion and financial aid requirements.

Teacher Gradebook & Classroom Tools

With Focus, teachers have the tools they need to engage students and track progress against any type of learning objective.

  • Comprhensive, real-time Gradebook with the ability to track competencies/curriculum frameworks
  • API for seamless integration with the most popular LMS systems such as Canvas and Schoology
  • Access to test history and learning gains

Student Progression & Completion

Track, report and easily advance individual students or whole cohorts upon completion of course requirements.

  • Student Academic Report allows administrators and teachers to view student progress by course or program to ensure students are successfully meeting the SAP requirements for continued financial assistance disbursements.
  • Graduation and Program requirements Report
  • Automatically generate course completion certificates

Financial Aid

Focus makes it easy to calculate and track financial aid from multiple sources.

  • Financial Aid worksheet to calculate the program costs and assistance needs
  • Allows for multiple funding sources such as Pell, waivers, grants, and more
  • Reporting and alerts to track student progress, attendance and financial aid disbursements

Student Accounts and Point of Sale

Focus’ Point of Sale System allows schools to easily manage student payments, funding from outside agencies and 1098T’s.

  • Invoice students for program fees
  • Process student and funding source payments
  • Online payment or purchase of courses through the student portal
  • 1098T’s

Focus Built-In, Advanced, and State Reporting

Save time delivering information on program and student progress with reports designed to support post-secondary education

  • Built-in reports for EVERY module
  • Advanced Reports empower end users to create their own ad hoc reports, using a simple drag and drop interface, to compile, view, and track any student data
  • Federal and State reporting
  • Real-time data-quality and state verification reports

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