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Document Management

The Focus Document Management Solution will transform the physical work, confusion, and insecurity of data access to an easy to manage, open and secure platform for storing student cumulative documentation and more. Say goodbye to the cumbersome paper process of maintaining student cumulative folders and welcome improved workflow, security, and availability of information.

Districts face the cumbersome challenge of managing physical cumulative folders as students move between schools and districts, while ensuring secure access to the records, and complying with retention regulations.


  • Scan physical documents into a student-centric document center and leverage the SIS to automatically include documentation without manual labor, providing a secure electronic cumulative folder.
  • Categorize documentation for easy records retention/removal, therefore improving processing FOIA requests and pushing student documentation to other sources electronically.
  • Implement a plug-and-play document management solution directly into your current Student Information System.
  • The Uploaded Files Report supplies the user with a comprehensive report of all files that have been uploaded to the student fields.