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Attendance & Tardy Devices

The Tardy Tracking and Check In/ Check Out system simplifies and automates all aspects of tardy management, including hall passes, automatic excessive tardy referrals/detentions ,and school-based check in/check out needs.

Focus Kiosk

The Kiosk allows users to sign students in and out of school, classes, clinics ,or other offices; students can also utilize the Kiosk to sign in and out of classes themselves. Warranty Information

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Focus Mobile Scanner

With the Focus Mobile Scanner, users can simply scan the barcode on the student’s ID badge or search for the student in the mobile app, mark the student tardy, and print a tardy slip directly from the mobile device.

If the tardy triggers a detention, a message regarding the detention prints on the tardy slip.

Price & Shipping:
$329.00 plus $14.00 shipping for each one.

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Desktop & Mobile Options

Make it easier for teachers to take attendance with Desktop & Mobile options.