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Special Student Services

Focus supports students, teachers, and staff through every facet of the Special Education process, including 504, MTSS, RTI, and all special student services.

Our Special Student Services Module

The Focus Special Student Services module offers a configurable platform in which districts design and maintain desired program workflow for:

  • Special Education: Individualized Education Plans, Gifted & Service Plans
  • Section 504
  • Threat Assessment
  • Mental Wellness
  • Multi- Tiered Systems of Support for Response to Intervention: Academic & Behavior
  • English Language Learner
  • Student Services
  • Medical


Solutions for Administrators

The Focus Special Student Services System Includes the ability to:

  • Integrate special student processes with state reporting, state assessments, intervention tracking and progress monitoring
  • Create and configure events to help guide educators through specific processes
  • Ensure form and process compliance
  • Build, maintain and monitor student caseloads by specific user profiles

Solutions for Teachers

  • Navigate program events with ease
  • Satisfy event and form compliance requirements with predefined validation checks
  • Receive portal alerts to assist with tracking important dates and tasks
  • Manage students through individual caseloads

The Focus Form Builder

The Focus Form Builder is a user-friendly tool that allows districts to build, configure, and maintain all forms relevant to the special student services process.

Form Builder Features: 

  • Built in validations area
  • Clone Feature
  • Configurable Form Header 
  • Text, text area, text box, radio, checkbox groups, e-signature, and dropdowns