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Elevate connectivity with the Focus Communication Solution! Our all-in-one platform offers personalized voice messages, instant SMS texts, and a suite of additional features including automatic translations, polls, event sign-ups, secure messages, and more. Keep everyone synchronized with real-time updates and maintain high engagement levels across staff, guardians, and students with comprehensive tools.



Seamlessly create personalized portal alerts, voice messages, SMS texts, emails, and mobile app push notifications. Send them instantly, schedule for later, or automate based on triggered events, streamlining school or classroom workflows effortlessly.


Craft and publish announcements tailored to specific schools, staff, guardians, or students. Opt for public announcements to keep users who aren’t logged into the Community App informed. Reach your audience with precision and inclusivity.


Communicating with families is easier than ever with automatically translated messages from English to 70+ languages. This feature is supported in all communications types, including phone calls, when using the text-to-speech call option.

Secure Messaging

Ensure that private and confidential communications remain just that – private. When selecting this option, the student/user will receive a notification to log into their portal account to view the secure message.


Craft specific timing for communications. Schedule announcements and messages to be sent on a chosen future date and time, ensuring the communication hits the right mark. Choose between sending out a one-time message or set up a recurrence. 

Polls & Sign Ups

Utilize engaging, interactive polls and generate sign-up forms for school events for students, parents, and staff


Focus tracks all communication sent through the platform and displays a report for end users to quickly review communication. Easily select which profiles to grant Communications Reports permissions to.

The Focus App

The full Communications Module is available from the Focus app.