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Student Demographics

With real-time data validation from the point of entry, the Focus Demographics module provides users with the ‘big picture’ of a student’s academic profile.



State and federal fields configured from day one, with completely customizable fields for any district specific student information.

Dynamic Student Searches & Reporting

Use any student demographic field as search criteria, for individual students or student groups, throughout the SIS including built-in and advanced reports.

Managing Contacts

Focus tracks an unlimited number of student contacts and their related addresses complete with contact flags to designate custody, emergency, legal guardianship, pick-up, communication preferences, and more.

Any part of the contact directory can be displayed with student search results, used for searching, used in ad-hoc reports, and for printing student information directories.

Enrollment, Registration & School Choice

Student Demographics

Elementary & Secondary Scheduling 


Gradebook, Report Cards, & Transcripts

Communication, Portals, & Mobile Solutions


Student Billing


Built-in Reports, Advanced Reports, Analytics & Dashboards

Assessments & Testing