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Student Billing

From students and parents to office staff, Focus offers a simple and secure solution for managing fees.

Many districts face the challenge of managing student fees, payments, and invoices across multiple programs, leading to inefficiencies, financial discrepancies, and potential loss of funds.


Managing Fees

A single Student Billing screen includes sales, transaction history, and a customer ledger for a complete view of a student’s purchases.

Shopping Cart for All Users

The Focus Parent Portal and/or Mobile App provide a Billing tab to easily view, manage and pay student fees for courses, field trips, parking permits, band expenses, library fees, etc.

  • Teachers and staff can pay for invoiced items such as fingerprinting and IDs or purchase products through their portal too.
  • Users can make secure payments with credit or debit cards, or e-checks.
  • Store payment card information securely via for effortless payments with the Focus Wallet. Enjoy features like default payment settings, automatic payments, and card assignment for students set by parents, empowering them to use designated payment methods.

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