Built-in Reports, Advanced Reports, Analytics & Dashboards

More and more, districts are being asked to implement systems that enable their schools to make data-informed decisions and provide transparency to all stakeholders. From trends and insights, to forecasting and data-driven decisions, Focus Reporting provides powerful tools for meaningful data. 

Built-in, Ad Hoc, & District Reports

Focus Reporting includes built-in reports in every SIS module, Ad Hoc Reports with drag and drop functionality, and District Custom Reports using SQL queries.

Analytics & Dashboards

This reporting is further enhanced with our optional Analytics and Dashboards package that include seven data areas, 40+ dashboards, and a School Daily Snapshot. These powerful analytics highlight the trends, influences, geography, and correlation of your data to give you insights by school and/or district.

Focus’ What-if Analysis can predict future enrollments based on the prior five (5) years. You can also include county predictions to the current population to project over five (5) years.

Combined with our built-in, advanced, custom, and state reporting capabilities, these tools allow you to see your data like never before.

Enrollment, Registration & School Choice

Student Demographics

Elementary & Secondary Scheduling 


Gradebook, Report Cards, & Transcripts

Assessments & Testing 


Student Billing


Built-in Reports, Advanced Reports, Analytics & Dashboards

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