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Enrollment, Registration, & School Choice

From online enrollment and registration, to a student’s complete demographic record, the Focus solution offers streamlined processes, workflows, and approvals for comprehensive enrollment and student information management.

The challenge of data entry of student and parent information during enrolment and re-enrollment is time-consuming for the parent to fill out and then the registrar to enter electronically. Timely entry of new student data, as well as updating annual student information, is delayed which can then  impact the ability to schedule the student, take attendance for the student, account for student whereabouts on campus and contact guardians and emergency contacts when needed.


Online Enrollment & Registration

A district tailored online application ensures parents provide all the necessary information and supporting documents to get their students successfully enrolled and registered.


Create online apps in different languages to support multilingual families.


Easily configure Edit Rules to collect clean student data from day one.

School Choice System

Give parents and students choices to find the perfect learning environment with Focus’ online School Choice system. The School Choice system includes an online application, lottery assignments, and parent/student notifications.

Streamlined Re-Enrollment

From updated contact information to immunization documents, roll into next year with a streamlined annual re-enrollment process for students, parents, and administrators.

Enrollment, Registration & School Choice

Student Demographics

Elementary & Secondary Scheduling 


Gradebook, Report Cards, & Transcripts

Communication, Portals, & Mobile Solutions


Student Billing


Built-in Reports, Advanced Reports, Analytics & Dashboards

Assessments & Testing