Elementary & Secondary Scheduling

Whiteboard scheduling reimagined with Focus Scheduling

Elementary Scheduling

Give your elementary scheduling team the ability to create the ideal environment for every student to thrive.

  • Focus allows users to enter the needed constraints such as which students should be scheduled together or apart, scheduled with a specific teacher, as well as behavior and testing criteria.  
  • Use the Optimize button to evenly distribute the students to all teachers based on gender, discipline, and/or ELA and math assessment scores.
  • Or simply drag-and-drop individual students to the desired class.

Secondary Scheduling

The Focus Master Schedule Builder, at the secondary level, is an easy-to-use interface, that walks the user through a series of steps including selecting the periods to schedule, reviewing teaching availability, as well as determining room usage and course defaults.

  • Focus provides automated course requests, teacher approved courses requests, student entered requests, and more.
  • Two clicks can create a new section in the builder. 
  • Use builder reports to analyze scenarios involved in mass scheduling, move students into classes, and run the builder in a few minutes for even the largest schools without impacting performance for other users.  
  • Say goodbye to whiteboard scheduling with a drag-and-drop feature built into the Teacher Schedules Report.

Teachers, students, and parents can view schedules in a course list or weekly planner format, print schedules, and use the Send Messages feature to communicate with each other directly from the student schedule.

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