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Focus offers solutions to simplify and automate hourly attendance for CTE and Continuing Education programs.

Students and Administrators are currently faced with many challenges for hourly attendance from tracking attendance for funding and students meeting specific attendance thresholds to progress in their program, to tracking attendance down to the minute, and the need to provide real world employability skill practice with clocking in and out.


For Teachers

Teachers, from their desktop or phone, can take attendance, and receive portal alert reminders.

For Administrators

Administrators receive portal alerts when teachers forget to take attendance and can evaluate students’ hourly attendance for program completion and financial aid requirements using the Attendance Chart.

For Students

Students can view their attendance and communicate with staff directly from their portal page. Students can also utilize the Kiosks to sign in and out of classes themselves.

Online Enrollment & Registration Solution

Student Demographics



Gradebook, Grades, & Transcripts

Financial Aid

Student Accounts

Built-in Reports, Advanced Reports, Analytics & Dashboards

Communication, Portals, & Mobile Solutions