As always, Focus strives to meet the needs of our districts and there is no more pressing need than to ensure the safety of students and school staff. In response to this need and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas legislation, Focus has enhanced the Special Students Services module to include a Threat Assessment Forms and Workflow feature.


Threat Assessment Forms & Workflow

This series of forms and workflows follow the required Florida DOE school threat guidelines and procedures to help districts and schools identify and protect students from potential threats. These standardized forms are now built in to the Focus Special Student Services module and allow the district to set up form and event triggers that will control the process for how the district users implement them.


Portal Alerts and Notifications

Users have the ability to set up email and/or portal alerts to specific individuals or to a profile group when an action needs to be taken, such as a mental health assessment, based on a specific form being initiated or completed.

If a specific question, such as “Is the threat substantive”, is answered yes, an alert can be sent and/or a trigger can be set to automatically generate another step in the process.