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The Focus Solutions are fully integrated systems capable of handling the day-to-day functions of managing a school district, whether purchased individually as stand-alone products or purchased in combination. Modules within each system work seamlessly together to collect, extract, analyze, and report data from a centralized relational database.


However, for those functions and features that require integrating with 3rd party vendors or for areas that the district needs customization, Focus is designed to meet your needs. During implementation, we will conduct a Gap analysis to identify any areas requiring enhancements or customizations, most often results of gaps in the legacy system. We will work with your district to build fields, reports, forms, and workflow to meet needs unmet in the legacy system.


Districts also have the ability to make their own customizations. In fact, Focus has trained over 150 district staff in SQL to make modifications.


Focus believes there is no area too small to be worthy of improvement. Our relationships with clients are what set us apart in the marketplace and our product development is guided by their input.

Examples of conduits for customer feedback:

  • An assistant principal at a high school might have a good idea for improving a scheduling report – and report that idea to someone on the Focus helpdesk
  • A district committee might write detailed specs for a new module or process they would like in Focus
  • District Specialty groups might identify a report that would help meet local district curricular needs
  • Our leadership team might recognize an issue that has caused lots of support calls — which indicates a process could be made clearer in Focus
  • Feedback might be given to one of the presenters at our Annual National Users’ Conference
  • Our Users’ Group might propose a way that Focus School Software can help them meet EOC grading requirements

No matter where the suggestion comes from, our leadership team discusses every suggestion for improvement on a weekly basis. Many customer suggestions make their way into our development plan. Our leadership team is very passionate about education and how our technology can serve educators.

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