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success stories

Our services and software are set apart in the marketplace because of our close partnerships with our customers. Focus customers provide us with constant feedback about our solutions, and that input drives our product development. Take a moment to read the success stories and testimonials that follow, and see for yourself how Focus can bring success to your district too.

client testimonials

By the way, I just completed WDIS Survey F in record time with 100 percent reporting! I was able to pull preliminary reports and cross-check external tracking to know exactly how many records to expect. For the first time, I was completely error-free on all validations!

Cindy, Resource Teacher, Haney Technical Center

Andrew knows his clients and their needs.

Marcia, Director of Technology, Customer Experience, Fort Worth ISD

In our old system, it took up to a week to get a PO approved. In Focus, we can get approvals done hours or even minutes. That means, that if today was the deadline to get a purchase made to get the best deal, you can actually get that done within 15-20 mins.

Sherry, Asst. Chief Financial Officer, Suwannee County School District

The overall theme of the conference was great!! It set the tone for a fun learning experience.

Jennifer, Guidance Counselor, Florida State University Schools

The Focus staff is always extremely positive and constantly reflects the perspective of solving user or system problems by whatever means they have at their disposal.

Gary, Workforce Education Data Specialist, Escambia County Schools

It is a great thing when you get this from DOE and check it and you have NONE! Thank you for all your hard work and helping us all get thru Survey 2!!!

Shelli, Senior MIS Operator, Wakulla County School Board

I think the Focus Conference is the best conference I have attended in my 11 years at the district office. It is well organized and the information is very pertinent to our jobs. The handouts were helpful and appreciated! Presentations by district personnel are also useful.

Kari, Director of Instructional Technology & Information, Nassau County Schools

I really liked the fact that Andrew presented during the LMS session and explained the process and was very knowledgeable. It was reassuring to me as a school-based administrator to see that the person in charge has direct and competent knowledge of the system instead of being a figurehead like other companies.

Dr. Collum, Assistant Principal, Florida Atlantic University High School

I enjoyed the whole conference. I knew I would learn new information for Focus but the plus was we all had a wonderful notch!!!

Karon, Charlotte County Public Schools

Focus is very good at capturing translating, displaying and communicating information to key stakeholders.

John, Assistant Superintendent, Pinellas County Schools

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