student information system

Focus School Software knows that the goal of using an SIS isn’t only to collect student data and submit reports. The goal is to use the technology to identify patterns and trends so educators can make informed decisions to improve student progress.

At the heart of Focus SIS is student demographics. All modules feed from the data that is collected on each student within the district. Focus provides an online registration component that includes the ability to create and edit your own online application. This includes all available student fields, customized to the district’s needs.

The Focus Solution is the student-centric SIS that will allow administrators, teachers, parents, and students to focus on what matters… a quality education that prepares students to excel in today’s competitive global community.

portals & dashboards

Focus Portals and Dashboards not only provide real-time data and alerts, but they allow administrators, teachers, parents, and students to have the information they want, in the format they want it. The District Dashboard is fully customizable, with information in dynamic graphs and charts, showing data that is most relevant to the specific user.

attendance module

The Focus Attendance Module offers a seating chart utility that includes student pictures with a simple drag and drop configuration. Teachers and Administrators receive Portal Alerts when attendance hasn’t been taken and the system sends automated and customized letters and emails to parents/guardians.

discipline module

Users will dramatically improve workflow with the fully electronic Discipline Module. The online discipline referrals and reports merge discipline data with demographic, attendance, special education, and assessment information.


Focus Scheduling, which can be sold as a stand-alone solution, is a fully integrated Scheduling Module that includes automated course requests at the school and district level, a master schedule builder, package scheduling, flexible block/skinny scheduling, walk-in scheduling, inclusion and pullout scheduling as well as a multitude of necessary reports to successfully schedule students.


The Focus Gradebook is a real-time, standards-based tool that is the most comprehensive Gradebook on the market. The easy to use interface has configurable preferences, the ability to merge classes, real-time integration with our LMS, and on-demand progress reports.

performance reports

Focus Performance Reports is a test history module with a suite of performance reports including the State Performance Report, At Risk Students Report, L25 Report, Test History Breakdown, College Readiness Report, and Leading Indicator Report.

state reporting

Focus State Reporting features and verification reports outshine any other SIS vendor’s capabilities by far. Focus maintains quality assurance for state reporting as a result of careful planning and testing well before the scheduled survey and extract dates required by the DOE. Learn More Here!

health mode

The Focus Health Module provides an immunizations tab, a medical tab, a daily visit log, a medication administration form and a student accident report form for the purposes of tracking information on a student’s health.

advanced reports

Focus Advanced Reports feature uses a drag and drop interface to allow you to build tabular reports with any of your student data: All demographic fields, including reporting fields, custom fields, enrollment, scheduling, and attendance data. These reports are saved in the main reports menu, so that all of the reports created with this feature are easily accessible. Data changes from the report’s results are processed immediately and will reflect in an updated report. Advanced reports can also be shared across profiles and schools.

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