special student services

A customizable system in which districts design and maintain specialized program workflow in a variety of areas, including: early identification, section 504 eligibility,  student IEP’s and more.

Focus understands districts need a software platform that allows them to manage students who qualify for specially designed services and instruction. The SSS module provides a comprehensive system that creates, maintains and tracks student data resulting from state defined as well as customized standards. The Focus SSS module provides districts with necessary tools to support students through the many facets of early intervention and the special education process.

The SSS Modules include:

student event management

Educators and school-based professionals will have the ability to create and customize events under three main programs: Response to Intervention (RtI/ MtSS), Section 504, and Special Education ( IEP/ Evaluations).

student event management highlights:

  • Customizable event sequences and forms
  • Event triggers ( i.e: Locked Initial IEP events will automatically set a future annual IEP as due 364 days in the future)
  • State reporting data will automatically transfer to the students IEP straight to the SIS logging fields upon locking the event.
  • Draft watermark on all events printed prior to being locked

campus and district reserve

The SSS Reserve feature stores students who hold a unique status within each of the SSS programs. A student will be automatically placed in the reserve and assigned one of the following statuses; not eligible, active, dismissed, graduated and  withdrawn. The campus reserve will provide a list of students who qualify for each program on a particular campus. The district reserve will provide comprehensive list of all students in the district who qualify for each program.

campus and district reserve features:

  • Track important plan start and end dates
  • View student statuses in each program they are participating in
  • Add students to teacher caseload from the campus reserve
  • Export student lists to excel spreadsheet

teacher caseload

The teacher caseload feature allows school-based users to add active students from the campus reserve into their personal caseload screen. With this feature users can quickly see key demographic information, upcoming events, due dates and progress monitor students directly from their caseload screen.

teacher caseload highlights:

  • Track upcoming event due dates
  • Progress monitor students
  • Export student lists to excel spreadsheet
  • Filter on column titles to customize student view

form builder technology

Form Builder is a user-friendly tool that allows districts to build, customize and maintain forms relevant to the SSS programs. Focus Form Builder offers a validation edit feature that allows specific compliance logic to be applied to each form. This compliance logic can serve as a guide for the end-user to ensure the most important areas of the form are completed.

key features of form builder technology

  • Customizable district and student header and footer applied to each form
  • Built in validation area
  • Form widgets (text, text area, calendar feature, radial/checkbox groups, line tool)
  • Print and preview  functionality option

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