focus post-secondary system

The Focus Post-secondary System meets the needs of your administrators, teachers, students, and employers/community partners. By integrating features from our SIS, ERP and LMS, Focus offers a truly comprehensive approach to managing postsecondary data for all Higher Education options, including Career and Technical Schools and Community Colleges.

the FPS modules include:


The FPS includes a module to manage and store all student demographic information. The information is readily available and easy to create ad hoc reports using the drag and drop feature. Through the interface you can create and customize any field and can be identified for use during the enrollment process that allows for students to apply online.

demographics highlights

  • Easy entry of TABE and CASAS test scores
  • Online student application that can be tailored to your school’s needs
  • Ability to mass assign fees
  • Fully customizable demographic fields
  • Data edits to prevent improperly formatted or incorrect data
  • Edits to the Ad Hoc Reports can be made at the report level for quick data cleanup


The Focus Solution provides the necessary tools to ensure administrators and teachers can accurately and efficiently record student attendance. This includes the ability to record attendance on an hourly basis and easy to use reports that include the hours a student has attended as required for financial Aid Funding.

key features of the attendance module:

  • Track and Report Hourly Attendance
  • Automatically drops students from adult education courses after seven days of non-attendance
  • Automated and customized letters, Portal Alerts and Emails based on attendance
  • Attendance Actions shown in teacher grade book


The Focus Solution includes the most comprehensive gradebook on the market. All transactions are in real-time, including grade changes, posting grades and students that add/drop a course. The gradebook is available on any web-enabled device with a modern browser.

Here is what customers love about the Focus Gradebook

  • Easy to use interface with configurable preferences/personalization
  • Ability to combine gradebooks for teachers that have multiple sections in the same period
  • Track progress for CTE Curriculum frameworks. Progress can be included on the student transcript
  • Maintain a full year gradebook for adult and community education classes

  • Gradebook rollover including assignments and gradebooks
  • Simple and easy to create and manage assignments
  • Program summary on final grades and standards screen


The Focus solution provides scheduling specific to CTE/Adult and Community Education Schools. This includes walk in scheduling, package scheduling by CTE Programs as well as a variety of necessary reports to successfully schedule students.

scheduling highlights

  • Auto schedule as final grades are posted
  • Start and end time on section for attendance app
  • Program/course hours for billing and SAP report
  • Program and course set up can set defaults for a section that can be modified at the student level, greatly reducing the complexity of the master schedule for CTE/Adult and Community Education Schools

  • Student schedule displays total enrolled and attended hours
  • Assign fees to an individual course
  • Easily define a distinction between your day and night classes
  • Total hours of the program and suggested WDIS hours per OCP can be set at the course level


The Focus Postsecondary System was developed with a built in standards-based assessment module – one of the very few offered in any Student Information System.  The Assessment Component allows teachers to create both printed and online tests with just a few simple steps.

The Assessment Module can also:

  • Import TABE scores
  • TABE scores auto assign Basic Skills on student schedule

WDIS state reporting

The FPS offers accurate reporting features for both the state and federal requirements. Florida, Texas and California are three states recognized for their demanding reporting requirements, and the Focus Solution helps to not only meet, but also exceed those requirements.

  • Complete with Focus Verification Reports
  • Generate State Reporting extracts from the interface
  • Magic Batch program for extract updates
  • State Reporting summits designed to guide districts through the reporting process
  • Custom edits to prevent incorrect data from being entered


The Focus FPS module offers the ability to track student’s tuition and assistance. Tuition is charged to the student upon enrollment in a course and a seamless integration with FAFSA provides the districts with the ability to accurately report student’s progress in a program, as well as the hours attended for financial assistance, including the PELL grant.

  • Integration with ED Express and ED Connect to pull ISIR information
  • Links to FAA Access for ISIR corrections
  • SAP Report to track student progress
  • Store and display all ISIR information

internal student accounts

Focus has the ability to manage student accounts with the following features:

  • Auto bill students for a block of time or individual course
  • Payment history including VA, Pell, Scholarship and out of pocket payments
  • 1098T’s
  • Process refunds based on student progress in a program
  • Point of Sale

job placement

The Job Placement Module tracks employment data and is fully compliant with COE reporting, making it a vital tool for every post-secondary program. Using this feature, Job Placement Specialists can create custom reports, notify students of job fairs, and automate notification to students in specific programs when a new job has been posted. From a student’s Focus account, they can search jobs, internships, and other career opportunities that relate to their program. The Job Placement Module is also essential to employers allowing them to access and search student resumes in Focus.

alumni tracking, marketing and recruitment

In addition to the FPS modules, Focus also offers additional features to track and place your graduates with potential employers.

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