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From managing your budget and purchasing needs, to human resources and payroll, the Focus ERP Solution is a powerful tool for districts of any size. The user-friendly interface enables seamless processes for all of your purchasing, budgeting, human resources and payroll needs.

Focus School Software utilized input from districts for every feature and function during development of the ERP Solution. The result is a robust solution that includes the following modules:

General Ledger and Budgeting

The Focus ERP Solution offers the functions your district needs to plan and manage your budgets. Budgets can be stored on any level of the account strip and can be included on any standard or custom reports.

The system allows for documents to be uploaded and attached to any transaction and time-stamped notes and comments can be added that will follow the transaction through the process and can be accessed historically.

The Focus Solution includes the following built-in features:

  • Encumbrance accounting is automatically built into the software.
  • Ability to post to prior and future accounting periods during the current fiscal year.
  • Ability to create general ledger reports from the screen the user is in without having to exit/enter a different report screen.
  • Ability to click and drag report options and filter on any data point in the report on the fly.
  • Accounts can be modified at any time and can be added, modified or inactivated on a fiscal year basis.

Payroll and Human Resources

The Focus ERP Solution allows for seamless management of your district HR and Payroll functions. As with all Focus Solutions, district customization is available to ensure that the system meets your every need. This solution meets all state and federal reporting requirements including state mandated performance pay statutes.

Manage employee benefits, flex pay, stipends, overtime, supplements, and other non standard payment types with ease.

Here are just a few of the features you can expect:

Online sick leave form allows for electronic submission and approval. All leave balances are reflected in real-time.

Employee evaluations and employment contracts

Allow employees to request leave along with travel and expense reimbursement.

Employee Self Service interface allows for electronic distribution of pay statements, tax forms and other important information.

Create payroll checks/statements and handle ACH payroll payments easily and electronically.

Infinite batches can be created for infinite payroll runs. Historical payroll reporting tools for monthly or yearly data.

The software has the ability to mass assign deductions, steps, pay types, supplements and contributions.

Performance Pay feature complies with Florida Statute 1012.22 before effective date of July 14, 2014.

Affordable Care Reporting assures effective monitoring that all employees are in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

Powerful position control tool that maintains unit allocations in visually engaging charts and tables.


Fixed Assets/Inventory

Managing a school district’s inventory can be a daunting task. Property can be mobile and enforcing a district’s loss prevention policy relies on the ability to keep an accurate inventory of your fixed assets. With the Focus ERP Solution, you have the ability to begin your inventory tracking from the accounts payable module when a purchase request is initiated.

The fixed assets application in Focus has the following features:

  • Ability to track an asset from the time it is received to the time it is sent to survey
  • Produces barcodes for fixed assets easily at the point an item is received
  • Works with a Bluetooth scanner and any iOS and android devices to perform
  • Inventory related tasks (such as an inventory audit) on the go
  • Asset transfer and asset maintenance with approval flow for fiscal integrity
  • Easy to use and powerful ad hoc report writer


Purchasing procedures along with maintaining your budget is made easy with the comprehensive and concise multi-layer system. The Focus ERP Solution runs reports that allow you to filter by accounting strip, PO numbers, vendor, or check and view the entire history of the requisition with just a few clicks.

Here are just a few features of the Purchasing Module:

Customizable electronic approval chain that allows productive workflow through the purchase requisition process.

Ease of entry for purchase requisitions to save time for data entry operators.

Alerts that let users know the status of their purchase requisitions.

Create, maintain and adjust budgets from one easy to use interface.

Templates allow users to modify a previously saved purchase requisition.

Easily maintain a purchase requisition through invoice and check printing stage.

Vendor Maintenance keeps data accurate.

Run powerful reports to track almost every aspect of purchasing, payments, and budgets with built in reports.

Includes a powerful and customizable ad hoc report writer.


Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable feature utilizes a multi-layered process to receipt and invoice General Ledger funds. The Invoice Report feature provides an archive of all invoices and Cash Receipt reporting includes the ability to accept payments from customers by cash, credit card, or check.

Here are several features of Accounts Receivable:

  • Add Customers and Vendors
  • Receipt district wide payments
  • Enter Standard, Recurring, or Mass Assign Invoices
  • Cash Receipt Reporting
  • Invoice Reporting
  • Vendor Maintenance

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