Focus School Software is pleased to introduce our new Contact Tracing, Daily Health Screener, and Mask Wearing Incentives safety features.

Focus is dedicated to helping schools re-open as safely as possible. We designed these features, based on input from our districts, to ensure a timely, accurate, and confidential response to potential risk to students.

These features, already available to Focus clients, are now being offered to any district via a Focus integration with other existing SIS and SSO platforms.

Social Distancing & Contact Tracing using the Focus Seating Chart

Contact Tracing features take advantage of the Seating Chart for classrooms and school buses, allowing users to visually arrange students to meet social distancing requirements. Administrators can then choose any student to easily determine which students were seated in the vicinity of a potential contact risk.




Daily Health Screening

The Focus Mobile App provides Daily Health Screening tools for students/parents as well as reports and workflow for schools.

Positive Behavior Rewards for Wearing a Mask

The Focus Positive Behaviors feature now includes a badge to establish incentive programs for mask wearing.