Reporting the Data – SIMS, EPIMS, SCS and SSDR

We can save a district time, money and improve efficiencies by automating and simplifying the DOE’s reporting requirements. Focus supports Massachusetts’s public education system to help districts become more evidence-based where progress toward instructional goals is measured & monitored.

Focus Massachusetts State Reporting Includes:

  • Validation rules built right into the interface at point-of-entry and review that reinforces accuracy in every step of your registration process.
  • Compliance dashboards uniquely designed to provide school and district level oversight.
  • All interfaces provide the capability to drill-down into records for further review or corrections based on staff security profiles.

We aim to simply improve the way schools and districts capture, analyze and report student data.

Our State Reporting Team maintains a development roadmap defined largely by state and federal requirements. Focus reviews all State Reporting updates as they are released to keep up-to-date on all state and federal requirements.

Ask about our SIF Agent

Focus Holdings and its affiliates (Computer Resources LLC) have held SIF certifications since 2005 and are currently SIF certified at v 2.7.