Reporting the Data – I4SEE

I4See Data Verification Reports that include edit and validation rules that parallel I4See documentation requirements.

Summary reports display error number and percentage per data check, and include a link to navigate to and fix the error. Verification reports are in real-time, allowing the user to rerun to the report after making corrections and confirm that updated data adheres to the I4See edits and validations.

Certified users within the district can customize edit and validation rules to meet additional district policies as needed.

New Hampshire State Reporting Includes:

All K-12 I4See Collections
I4See ID Process
I4See Verification Reports
I4See Exports
BOY, CATE Student Course, EOY Academic Performance
EOY Enrollment, Free and Reduced Lunch, NH Label Request,
SASID Request, Security File, State Scholar
Student Course and Submission Course
State and Federal Reports
End of Year Reports
Fall Enrollment Reports
Dropout and Graduates Report
NH Educator Information
I4See Summary and Detail Reports




We aim to simply improve the way schools and districts capture, analyze and report student data.

Focus is for schools serious about seamless, on-time reporting. We can save you time, money and improve efficiencies by automating and simplifying the DOE’s reporting requirements. Focus supports New Hampshire’s public education system to help districts become more evidence-based where progress toward instructional goals is measured & monitored.