Reporting the Data

Focus stays up to date on all FL DOE changes for K-12 state reporting, WDIS state reporting and McKay Reporting. Florida Survey Summits hosted by Focus for K-12 and WDIS prior to each State Survey, with our programmers and state reporting team on hand for direct assistance.

Built-in features for error checking, with verification reports to ensure collection of accurate data and a direct FTP process to submit files to the state

Florida State Reporting Includes

  • McKay Surveys A-D
  • All WDIS State Reports
  • DOE Verification Reports
  • FTE Detail reports
  • FTE Summary reports
  • Demographic
  • Federal State Indicator
  • Bus Roster for transportation verification
  • Prior School
  • Teacher Course
  • Student Course
  • English Language Learner
  • Exceptional Student
  • Assessment
  • Discipline/Referral
  • Attendance Verification
  • FCAT pre-id files
  • EOC pre-id files
  • FCAT Explorer
  • Direct Certification
  • Learn Fare Student lists
  • DMV Student lists
  • Missing Children
  • Class Size Report

Why Focus

The Focus SIS provides two reports to review FTE funding: the FTE Details/Summary Report and the Attendance Verification Report. FTE tracking is incredibly flexible with Focus State Reporting and can be set by day, period, and/or individual students to ensure that the school is keeping the most accurate attendance count possible. 

The Focus SIS provides an In/ Out of Field report, which looks at the teachers’ current schedules, the certifications required for those courses and the teachers’ active certifications. The Focus SIS state reporting team built a FASTER process allowing users to request and receive individual records or send an entire school’s worth of data for Inter-district transcripts, MSIX, college transcripts, Bright Futures and Florida Virtual Campus.

Focus provides schools with the tools necessary to successfully track and report Work- force Development Information System (WDIS) data to standards that exceed Florida DOE Requirements.

Analytics for Data Informed Supports

The FLDOE is asking districts to implement systems to enable schools to make data-informed decisions. Focus is proud to announce a new analytics package built with PowerBI.

Our new Analytics and Dashboards include five data areas, 40+ dashboards, and a School Daily Attendance Snapshot.

These powerful analytics highlight the trends, influences, geography, and correlation of data to give you insight by school and/or district.

Combined with our built-in, advanced, custom, and state reporting capabilities, these tools allow you to see your data like never before.

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