Search, View, Purchase, and Manage all Student Fees with Ease

Expand your Focus Parent Portal or Focus Mobile App with a shopping cart that can eliminate mailing invoices, help with payment reminders, and greatly reduce parent office visits to pay student fees.

The Focus Parent Portal provides a Billing tab to easily manage and pay student fees for courses, field trips, parking permits, band expenses, library fees, etc.


Parents can:

• add items to their shopping cart representing their entire family, not just one student at a time.
• make secure payments via credit or debit cards, or e-checks.
• view a complete history of all invoices, payments, outstanding balances, and payment methods.

Point Of Sale

The Focus Billing module is a complete point-of-sale that will support the sale or purchase of non-student fees like school spirit items, field trips, year books, and more. With consideration of your historical records in Focus, graduated students can order a transcript request and pay the associated fee.


From the administration side, consider these benefits:

  • Focus Parents already have an account with linked students.
  • Recurring invoices can be scheduled to ease the monthly or weekly task.
  • The product items can be configured directly to your internal accounts if using Focus ERP.
  • Reporting to support the complete cycle from an invoice to product sales for any given time frame.
  • The Focus Billing module supports credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks (ACH) payments.
  • A single screen that includes sales, transaction history, and a customer ledger for a complete view of a student’s purchases.

Additional features include:

• Don’t stop at just parents; teachers/staff can pay for invoiced items such as fingerprinting and IDs or purchase products through their portal too.
• The module will support voluntary donations.
• Your products are a visual catalog with appealing images designed to encourage consideration, just like an on-line store.