Trends, Insights, Forecasting, and Data-driven Decision Making at your Fingertips

More and more, districts are being asked to implement systems that enable their schools to make data-informed decisions and provide transparency to all stakeholders. Focus is proud to announce a new analytics package, built with Microsoft PowerBI, to meet this need.

Our new Analytics and Dashboards include five data areas, 40+ dashboards, and a School Daily Snapshot.

These powerful analytics highlight the trends, influences, geography, and correlation of your data to give you insights by school and/or district.

Combined with our built-in, advanced, custom, and state reporting capabilities, these tools allow you to see your data like never before.

5 Data Areas Include:

  • Attendance & Enrollment
  • Discipline
  • Assessment
  • Student Demographics
  • System Usage

View your data visually with over 40 interactive dashboards.

Daily Attendance
Period Attendance
Discipline Referrals
Tests & Assessment Scores
College Readiness
Student & Parent Logins
Scheduled Jobs

Student Correlation & Comparison

Easily compare and correlate both student and school information such as attendance, discipline, and assessment data by demographics.

Determine what is influencing your data.

What influences a student…

  • to have an absence rate of more than 10%?
  • to have 1 or more in-district transfers?
  • to have a discipline referral?
  • to be assigned OSS?
  • to make gains or earn a passing score on standardized tests?
  • to earn a score in the lowest 25th percentile on standardized tests?
  • to be college ready?
  • to have a parent login?

Analyze your data geographically and see how location influences your data

Map Dashboards provide the ability to map students by demographics such as Free/Reduced Lunch status, ELL, Ethnicity, Immigrant, Disaster Affected, etc.

Maps are also provided that show school enrollment data and students with high absenteeism rates.

Analyze trends in your data over time.

Dashboards examining trends in Attendance, Discipline, and Assessment data give valuable insights into how your data is changing together with forecasting capabilities.

School Daily Snapshot

Get quick daily insights into attendance, enrollment, and discipline data.